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B2B website promotion

If you have a technology, product or service that appeals to the business audience - organic promotion of your company's website will be different from promotion of a B2C company's website.

Among other things, the promotion of a B2B website is distinguished by the keywords - the phrases that should be promoted in the Google search results.

Business customers - professionals in their field (like you), typeon Googlethe expressions from their professional world. Therefore, the entire content and promotion strategy on your website must be in the specific field.

In contrast to the promotion of a B2C website where the promotion is aimed at a product or service, the promotion of b2b websites focuses mainly on phrases related to solving problems and not necessarily on products or services.

B2B website promotion is not just about keywords


Usually, at one stage or another, several officials of the client's company will visit your website, therefore the visibility of your website - the texts, images and design of the website, must match the target audience, an audience you know well.

The promotion of B2B websites focuses on the promotion of phrases related to the world of business customers. Along with promoting your company's website, it is important to present on the website all the advantages of the solutions you offer.

Sometimes it is useful to promote the benefits to different verticals and present them separately for each of the job holders to the potential client.

B2B website promotion goals

Another thought worth investing in during the promotion of a B2B website is the subject of the FUNNEL, the company's sales funnel. On B2C websites, the goal is usually for the customer to make a purchase or order a service through the website.


On the B2B website, the sale is usually not made through the website. The role of the site is to expose the brand to the target audience, allow catalog downloads and get to know the company.

Sometimes, the goal is also to send samples or make contact for a long correspondence, which will promote the sale, or lead to a meeting with the potential client.

If your company is targeting the business market in Israel or abroad, B2B website promotion is a special expertise of STASEO.

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