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Google Ads

גוגל אדס

Google Ads is the preferred platform for advertising a business on the Internet that addresses an audience looking for information, products or solutions.

Advertising on Google is done through ads that are displayed on the search results page and / or through banners on the Google media network - other websites.

With the help of Google Ads, the company's sales can be increased in a very short time - the company's website will appear in the sponsored search results as soon as the campaign is activated.

This is how advertising in Google Ads looks like:

פרסום בגוגל אדס

When the audience performs a search, the advertising ads are at the top of the page, above the natural search results and are always exposed.

The advantages of advertising with Google Ads

  • Advertising in the most popular search engine in Israel

  • Unlike organic results, Google ads start appearing shortly after the campaign is set up

  • Budgetary control - control over the daily/monthly advertising budget and control over the cost of clicks

  • Flexibility and dynamism - Google Ads allows maximum flexibility in campaign management, smart segmentation and settings for many parameters

  • Measurable advertising - at any given moment, the success of advertising can be measured by accurate statistics

  • Caution - improves sales! Advertising on Google may boost your company's sales

Disadvantages of advertising on Google Ads

  1. Every time someone clicks on the ad and visits the website - it costs you money.

  2. As soon as you stop advertising on Google, the exposure of the site and the traffic of surfers who come to it stop (unlike organic promotion).

  3. Most people do not know how to explain the difference between the two types of results (organic or ad), but the inscription "ad" next to the result may arouse internal resistance or skepticism, because of the insight - "someone is paying money to appear here".

When is it recommended to advertise on Google?

  • When there is enough budget for the advertising activity

  • When you want to appear in many phrases and have a low monthly search volume

  • When the average cost per click is low

  • As a backup for organic promotion on Google


Isn't it time for your website to appear in Google?

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