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Construction and promotion of websites

Building and promoting websites on Google for a variety of companies and fields in Israel and abroad.

Building and promoting a website at STASEO is done professionally and quickly. before you can sayJack RobinsonYou will have a live and kicking site (kicking the competing sites).

Website building and organic promotion on Google

Here you will get website construction and promotion in full synchronization and quality assurance at a level you have never known.


Your website has a dedicated project manager who accompanies the process from start to finish.

The process is done in full cooperation with the client, taking care to characterize the site, meeting the goals, maintaining your company's branding and values.

"The natural tendency is to focus only on the design of the website and sometimes also on the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, unnecessarily. Website construction and promotion at STASEO are aimed directly at marketing the client's website and are based on things that work."

Building and promoting a website in 5 steps

1. Site characterization
Through characterization we will plan the structure of the site (the site tree) and the content, which are an important part of achieving your internet goals.

2.Creating content on the website
Great content is a must for a successful website. These are also the texts we will promote in the Google search results. The content will be provided by the client or by professional content writers.

3.Building the website
Building a website with a content management system that allows you to control everything that is done on your website. The content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for you to edit pages, add content, expand the site by building new pages and create additional categories. Here you will receive support and guidance even after the website goes live.

4.Website design
There is no mistake here - website design after website construction. The design work begins after all the content has been written and all the pages of the site are built (and not the other way around). A successful website is a combination of great content and design, which reinforce each other. From experience, building and promoting websites in this format bring the best results.

5.Website promotion
After we finished the last steps of building the site, the site goes live - congratulations! The joy is great and together with it the work ahead of us - the promotion of the site.

Website promotion on GoogleIt is not an easy task, but our starting point is really good and we are going to achieve results - no less than excellent.


Excellent results is a site that appears high in the Google search results for the phrases your customers are looking for.

You are welcome to build a website with us that will be an asset to your company: a website that attracts visitors and generates new customers.

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