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WIX website promotion

If you built a website on the WIX platform and wondered whether promoting a Wix website on Google is possible - the answer is: yes!

By the way, this is a site built on Wix

In the past, organic promotion for the Wix site was a serious challenge, because of the technologies that Wix used - the product of Wix sites was Flash sites, and this (mainly) caused problems with the site being crawled by search engines.

In recent years, thanks to the popularity of Wix all over the world (Israeli pride!) the Wix team is making great efforts to improve the platform of Wix websites.


Today the output of Wix sites is HTML code like all sites (plus CSS + JavaScript). In addition, Google is "catching up" and crawls sites built on Wix with great success.

Promotion of Wix sites on Google

We all love the cool interface of WIX and our ability to control what happens on the website, how and where the elements are placed and in general, you can do a lot of things on the website without the help of a programmer, designer or website builder.


Who even wants to give up those options?

Wix website promotion is very suitable for companies that have a website built on Wix. If your website does not require special functionality and the phrases you want to promote are not on the list of the most competitive phrases, your website is suitable for the task.

Organic promotion for the WIX website with STASEO

In the past, sites built on Wix were Flash sites. Flash website promotion was very difficult. My first Wix website promotion project was a Wix website built in Flash and it was fun!


It's still fun, that's why I created youWixsite- A dedicated website for the promotion of Wix websites (you are welcome to visit, opens in a new window).

If your website was built on Wix - contact me and I will be happy to promote it on Google.

My work method is based on experience in the organic promotion of Wix sites and Google's guidelines for webmasters.

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