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WordPress site promotion

Promotion of websites built in WordPress

The outstanding advantage of promoting a WordPress site is the ease with which the system allows you to manage the site, create new pages, link them to menus, add images and links.

With WordPress it is easier to direct the effort to the promotion of the website without the need for the assistance of a development team or programmers. (This is also true forPromotion of WIX sites).

Does promoting WordPress sites have advantages over other platforms?

Many think that the most prominent advantage of a WordPress site is the lower cost of building a site than in a closed-code custom system and fast setup times.

The setup times are indeed usually faster, it's just important to note - if the site is an app or an e-commerce site, WordPress requires quite a bit of work time updating, backing up, security, improving performance and regular software adjustments.


So in terms of financial savings - not sure if there is, but in terms of convenience for website promotion - WordPress is one of the best platforms in the world.

So what are the benefits of WordPress website promotion?

WordPress has many technical advantages for organic promotion on Google when you want relatively fast results with minimal effort (for those who promote the site).

List of benefits:

  • Full support in Hebrew

  • Open source - any PHP developer can develop functions for and within the site

  • Almost unlimited customization options

  • Ability to choose names for the files of the images you upload (also in Hebrew)

  • Elementor plugin for designing and building custom pages

  • Possibility of multiple menus with different levels of depth

  • Full access and control over the storage server, ability to edit files on the server

  • Good control over third-party code libraries that are loaded on the site

  • Cache plugins to improve site speed

  • The site can be stored on a dedicated IP without dependence or influence of "neighboring" sites

  • Can be stored on an Israeli server or anywhere else in the world

  • Defining URL names in Hebrew or any other language

  • Ability to perform 301 redirects

  • Custom error pages

  • Controlling the HTML code and the semantic structure of the templates

  • Control of forms (location, fields, types of forms, confirmation messages and more)

  • A relatively easy option for performing A/B testing

  • SEO plugins like YOAST

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